Friday, April 1, 2011

It been a while..

I mostly forgot all about this little blog I started. My friends at Etsy have inspired me to be more active and keep up with this one. As busy as life is I hope I remember..

Since I was here last:

*Been painting some water colors here and there.
*Hiked a lot!
*Practice yoga regularly
*Helped AMT for Lucky mag photoshoot with Florence and the Machine
*Prepared AMT for Cosmo UK Photoshoot
*Worked the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, Oct. 2010
* My family and I moved to Black Mountain, NC to be closer to nature
*More hiking!
*Opened my new ETSY store!!
*Working on my garden :)


Here I will be posting more vintage, etsy, fashion stuff, exciting family adventures, randomness and anything inspirational.

Visit my etsy store!!!
Beatific Vintage

Have a beautiful day!

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